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As a member of an athletic team at BOYCP, you and your family are a part of your school’s athletic family. Coaches, players and parents are expected to demonstrate appropriate behavior before, during, and after all athletic competitions. Qualities demonstrated include the following: integrity, hard work, and honesty, sportsmanship, and acceptance.
BOYCP offers the following athletic teams:
Tennis - Girls: Varsity
Swimming - Girls: Varsity
Football - Varsity, Soph
Cross Country - Varsity
Volleyball - Girls: Varsity, Soph, Fresh
Co-ed Cheerleading
Soccer - Boys: Varsity, JV, Soph
Basketball - Girls and Boys teams: Varsity & Soph
Co-ed Cheerleading
Co-ed Dance
Co-ed Wrestling - Varsity & Soph
Swimming - Boys: Varsity & Soph
Softball - Girls: Varsity & Soph
Soccer - Girls: Varsity, JV, Fresh
Baseball - Varsity, Frosh
Water Polo - Varsity & Soph
Badminton - Girls: Varsity
Tennis - Boys: Varsity
Multiple Sport Athletes
We encourage student participation in multiple sports and would like to involve as many students as possible. However, high school athletics is a competitive experience; therefore, not all who try-out will make the team, nor do all team members receive the same participation opportunities in contests. The participation level of individuals in competition is a staff decision.
Build Community
Joining one of our athletic teams means joining a family. Coaches, players and families all work together to support one another on and off the field. Once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat!
Girls Volleyball
Academic Athletes
Interscholastic sports at BOYCP is part of a successful co-curricular program, and athletics are regarded as an important part of a student’s total high school experience. Athletics’ are an extension of the classroom, complementing a student’s educational experience and enhancing our neighborhood's future leaders.
For any questions regarding Back of the Yards College Preparatory High School Athletics or scheduling, please contact Athletic Director, Ryan Blumberg at [email protected]