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Application Process

Applying to International Baccalaureate High Schools is a snap! Just follow the directions below, and contact the Office of Access and Enrollment at 773-553-2060 or [email protected] if you have any questions.
But first, please note the following: 
  • The application period begins in October and is usually open through December.
  • You should complete an application at
  • Students must pre-qualify to apply, based on their NWEA scores and 7th grade grade point average (GPA).
  • First round notification letters will be sent out mid-to-late March to notify you whether or not your child received an offer from any of the schools to which you applied.
Note: Students interested in our Dual Language program should be sure to select that option on  GoCPS. 
The application process for ninth grade students uses a single best offer model where students will receive an offer from the highest-ranked program/school on their application that they qualify for and that has available seats.
After your application is submitted and students complete any required admissions screenings, applicants are then matched to the highest-ranked school on their application for which they qualify. Once a student has been matched, they will be notified of their offer via their GoCPS account. If a student turns down their first-round offer, they can participate in a second round of matching to produce a new offer. If the student is not matched or declines their second-round offer, they are guaranteed a seat at their neighborhood school.
Date(s): TBD for 2023/2024
The incoming freshmen class of 2028 visit and apply through
Date(s): March
CPS will notify students. 
Date(s): TBD for 2024
Students that received an acceptance letter attend Freshman Open House.
Benchmark Test / Auditions
Date(s): TBD for 2024
See details for language, math, and performing art proficiency testing.
Summer of Algebra // Freshman Connection
Date(s): July 2024, specific dates TBD

Summer of Algebra: Incoming freshmen who received notification that they are eligible for Summer of Algebra to earn the Algebra credit, should register here! Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate other requests at this time.
The purpose of the Summer of Algebra program is to provide students with a rigorous algebra experience which promotes conceptual understanding of key content. The long term goal of the program is to ensure that students are prepared to succeed on a pathway to advanced mathematics courses in high school. The immediate goal of the program is to provide placement out of algebra and into Geometry/Math 2 for their freshmen year SY2023-2024.
When offered, the Freshman Connection Program is full of activities and designed especially to help you get acquainted with your fellow students, faculty, and staff.
Completed for the Class of 2028; call 773-535-7320 if you have any questions about your registration.
Please check back for the Class of 2028
School Starts
August 21st, 2023