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I've been teaching professionally for 9 years, and this will be my 6th year at BOYCP. Since I first stepped into the building and walked the neighborhood, I've been amazed by the sense of community and curiosity among the students and adults. Sharing music with the students of BOYCP is an absolute joy. I'm also honored to work with some of the most passionate and supportive colleagues that I also call my close friends. 
I believe that music education is a vehicle for building and coaching more confident, more daring young adults who have empathy, think critically, and pursue their passions with vigor. My students becoming performers or musicians as adults is not my number one priority. What matters most is that they are provided an outlet for their feelings, questions, tastes, and thoughts in my classroom. If a student ends up directing a choir, performing on stage, or writing a play, then that's even better! The mental health of my students is also a priority throughout the many twists and turns of the school year. 
As a father of twins, I value family above all things. I consider my BOYCP students and colleagues my second family. 
My wife Amy is my best friend, and raising our twins together has been a non-stop adventure that I wouldn't trade for anything! We love to camp, hike, ride bikes, do yoga, read, create, cook and watch movies. 
I have been performing in Punk Rock bands since 1998, and my current band just released a new album in December of 2019. I love writing songs, and I love performing. 
My band has played the Vans Warped Tour, the House of Blues, the Congress Theatre, The Metro, and countless clubs and venues across the US and Canada. 
My most recent creative endeavor is composing a musical, with hopes of having it performed live once live theatre makes its triumphant return. 
The Choral program at BOYCP began in 2015.The Choirs engage in 2 yearly concerts, in addition to numerous performing events within the building and out in the Back of the Yards community. Each December, a Winter Concert takes place, and each Spring, the annual "Taste of Broadway," which is comprised of Choir students and non-choir members of the student body who audition for roles. Choir members have participated in workshops, performances, and master classes with the legendary Lyric Opera, Broadway in Chicago, and After School Matters. Community events include the Back of the Yards Tree Lighting, Open Mic Coffee House Performances, Caroling, singing for the sick and elderly, Chicago's Pride parade, the South Side Irish Parade, and many more.
The Taste of Broadway gives students a platform to share their talents in everything from vocal, acting, dance, set design, stage management, lighting, and sound engineering, and has been a much anticipated event each Spring.  
Beginning Mixed Chorus:
This is an entry level course for students of all skill levels. Topics of study include bodily awareness, meditation, mental health, breathing, music theory, blending with a group of voices, analyzing vocal works and songs, proper warm-up and cool down techniques, and emotive, technically proficient vocal production. Students have the option to perform in extracurricular community events throughout the school year.  No previous experience required.
Advanced Mixed Chorus:
This course is the high level performance group at BOYCP. Building upon prior knowledge, this course emphasizes the art of performance in large and small ensembles as well as solo performance. Students must have successfully completed Beginning Mixed Chorus with Teacher Recommendation. If a student has not completed the Beginning Mixed Chorus class, or wishes to enter Advanced Mixed Chorus as a Freshman, they may arrange a private audition with Mr. Morrow to determine placement. 
Electronic Music
Students learn music theory through a digital medium, and create audio projects using GarageBand and a variety of online sources. Piano skill are developed using MIDI technology, and students create a portfolio of their compositions. Students compose alone and in groups for film clips, holidays, family members, and many assorted themes throughout the year. Students create instrumental and spoken word compositions throughout the year and share with one another in class. 


Maya Angelou-Life Doesn't Frighten me at all

Electronic Music students perform their original compositions set to the poetry of Maya Angelou!