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Vacuna COVID-19 para estudiantes BOYCP: ¡No tire la vacuna!

Atención a todos los Bobcats mayores de 16 años. ¿Sabía que es elegible para recibir la vacuna para protegerse contra Covid? BOYCP se está asociando con The Resurrection Project (TRP) para que nuestros estudiantes se registren para recibir la vacuna en el hospital St. Anthony. Un equipo de TRP estará en BOYCP el jueves y viernes de esta semana durante los períodos de almuerzo y después de la escuela en la plaza para inscribirlo para una cita en el Hospital St. Anthony. Si es menor de 18 años, deberá tener un padre o tutor presente en la cita. Los estudiantes que están aprendiendo en casa también tendrán la oportunidad de registrarse a través de un formulario que se enviará por correo electrónico el jueves.

TRP organizará una sesión de información para los estudiantes el miércoles a las 12:35. El enlace de la reunión se envía por correo electrónico a los estudiantes para que puedan hacer preguntas, aprender más sobre cómo la vacuna lo protege y algunos mitos y conceptos erróneos comunes.

¡Protéjase, proteja a su familia, proteja a sus vecinos y no tire su tiro!

COVID-19 Vaccine for BOYCP Students - Don't throw away your shot!

Attention all Bobcats who are 16 years of age or older. Did you know that you are eligible to receive the vaccine to protect against Covid? BOYCP is partnering with The Resurrection Project (TRP) to get our students registered to receive the vaccine at St. Anthony's hospital. A team from TRP will be at BOYCP on Thursday and Friday this week during lunch periods and after school on the plaza to get you registered for an appointment at St. Anthony's Hospital. If you are under 18, you will need to have a parent or guardian present at the appointment. Students who are learning at home will also have the chance to sign up via a form that will be emailed out on Thursday.

TRP will be hosting an info session for students on Wednesday at 12:35. The link for the meet is emailed to students so that you can ask questions, learn more about how the vaccine protects you, and some common myths and misconceptions.

Protect yourself, protect your family, protect your neighbors and don't throw away your shot!

¿Está interesado en recibir la vacuna Covid-19?

Hay muchos espacios para citas disponibles para obtener la vacuna Pfizer en las ubicaciones de vacunas de la ciudad de Chicago. Consulte el sitio web a continuación para obtener más información. Pfizer está disponible para cualquier persona mayor de 16 años (cualquier persona menor de 18 debe estar acompañada por un padre)

Student Social-Emotional Supports Are Available.

Bobcats -
There is a lot to process in the world right now. We are here to open up space to talk, process, cry, grieve, and find solace with your peers and members of our counseling team. Please check your grade level Google Classroom for a link and the times for an open session, if you care to join for Wednesday 4/21.
Please reach out to Mr. Avila with any questions.

We Stand for Adam Toledo

At BOYCP, we stand against racial injustice. We stand against the tragic and senseless killing of Adam Toledo last month, a 13-year old 7th grader from our neighboring community of Little Village.

Every time we pause and think about the system of brutality and institutional racism that failed Adam, we can’t help but to think about the Adams in the Back of the Yards community who were able to make it to high school. We can’t help but to think of the George Floyds, Laquan McDonalds, Duante Wrights, Quintonio LeGrier, Breonna Taylors, and Sandra Blands at BOYCP. This tragedy surrounding the end of Adam’s life and the countless others who came before Adam continue to break our collective hearts. We mourn with Adam’s parents, family, teachers, and classmates. We hope that there is justice for Adam and his family. Adam deserved more. Adam Toledo's life mattered. Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian, LGBTQ+ Lives matter to us and to our school community.

We will continue to stand with our young people, the Back of the Yards, and surrounding communities. We will continue to hold space for our young people who need to process yet another tragic event.

Real Talk: Paying For College Webinar

Join The College Board on Thursday, April 22, for Real Talk: Paying for College Edition. This event will cover the FAFSA®, scholarships, how to review your financial aid offers, and more! Whether your student is just beginning their college planning journey or they know where they'll be attending school in the fall, Real Talk is the place to get pertinent questions answered.

Attendees will have an opportunity to connect with some of the best financial aid officers in the country and get their questions answered in real time!

Comp-U-Dopt Computer Lottery

Register for a chance to win a refurbished computer from Comp-U-Dopt! For more information and the registration link, please see the attachment.
¡Regístrese para tener la oportunidad de ganar una computadora renovada de Comp-U-Dopt! Para obtener más información y el enlace de registro, consulte el archivo adjunto.
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