PE Personal Fitness and Wellness Period 8-Ishmael 008

Course Description

BOYCP’s physical education program is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to live an active lifestyle. The students will understand the importance of physical activity, the benefits of life-long fitness, and how to interact with others in a positive manner. The program will also focus on the MYP curriculum which will challenge students physically and mentally while requiring all students to be critical thinkers. PE - Personal Fit/Well is a semester-long, remote-learning course that exposes students to varied concepts related to anatomy, exercise physiology, and functional movement that will provide students with the theory behind many styles of exercise. Additionally, each student enrolled in PE - Personal Fit/Well will be challenged mentally and physically to learn theories of exercise and why it’s such an important component in your health and fitness journey. The goal is to become more “well-rounded” in the theory behind exercise and to understand the importance of living an active lifestyle applying the content learned during this course to life after BOYCP.

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Week 7 Notes in Google Classroom

Week 7 Notes

Use these guided notes to follow along the Peardeck/Slides Presentation. Feel free to handwrite them and take a picture and submit the picture here for evidence of completion.