Alumni Spotlight

I was born and raised in the Back of the Yards. I grew up on Paulina street with a total of 8 siblings. Since graduating high school in 2017, I have spent the past five years at West Point. I am currently in my senior year. In the past year, I have brought a car, proposed to my fiancé, and started planning a wedding. I tend to think about high school a lot. I loved BOYCP and have great memories that I cherish. My favorite memory was going undefeated in football my senior year. That season was filled with tons of laughter and hard work. I still remember when Kevin Franco and I tackled a guy and his helmet came off. All of the memories in high school are met with great ones from college. The most memorable moment besides my engagement was receiving my class ring from West Point. The best advice I would give to each bobcat would be to aim high. You hear it all the time, but you can truly do almost anything you put your mind to. The world is so much more than Back of the Yards, but always remember where you come from. 
Favorite quote - "It's always a great day to be a bobcat!" - Mr. Blumberg