IB LEARNERS OF THE MONTH- Susan, Joshua, and Viana!

Congratulations to this month's IB Learners of the Month, sophomore Susan Luna, freshman Joshua Jimenez Leyva, and freshman Viana Cervantes! This month's IB learner profile characteristic was knowledgeable. The winners this month displayed conceptual understanding, explored knowledge across a range of disciplines, and engaged with issues that have local and global significance. 
Susan Luna, Sophomore
Nominated by Ms. Apfelbeck
Luna is a classroom leader and is always asking questions in class. Luna is someone who loves to learn and share her knowledge with the other people in her class. Luna has a huge interest in learning about the crisis in Venezuela and is using this passion for her personal project! 
Joshua Jimenez Leyva, Freshman
Nominated by Ms. Moreno
Joshua Jimenez Leyva exudes the IB characteristic of knowledge. He is well aware of global and local issues and is well versed with the content taught in World Studies. It always amazes me with the depth of knowledge he provides for our class that he has become our in-class resident historian. He often leads class discussions and is very supportive of his peers, which earned him their respect.
Viana Cervantes, Freshman
Nominated by Ms. Schack
Viana displays the trait of being "knowledgeable" in world studies. Viana is a very curious student and does a great job of connecting information to what she has previously learned. She also helps her peers make these connections and shares her knowledge with the class creating stronger learning.