In preparation for youth from across the city to come together and learn about theatre & social justice while creating  an original play, Free Street is hosting four open workshops for new and returning youth. Youth who attend more than two open workshops are paid via Visa gift card, and those who join via check. 
Where: Pulaski Park: 1419 W Blackhawk st. Floor 3 Chicago, IL 60642
When: Tuesdays, Sept 26, Oct. 3 Thursdays, Sept. 28, Oct. 5, always 5:00pm - 7:00pm
What: Free Street Theater's Youth Ensemble, Open Workshops: A chance to learn about Free Street while learning how to create theatre for social justice. 
Pay: Youth who participate in the full program are paid $25/rehearsal and $50/performance. 
Transportation Support: Youth who are not able to take public transport, or who's parent/guardians are not able to pick them up from rehearsal, are eligible for transportation support. FST can provide Ventra cards, and cover a portion of Ubers. 
This program is a great opportunity for youth to create, learn about important issues happening in the city and a fun, engaging space to be themselves and grow along with youth across the city AND GET PAID!