5th Period: Physics-Morris and O'Hara

Course Description

This course aims to provide you with both a solid foundation in physics content and an understanding of the scientific approach to problem solving. You will develop the ability to formulate hypotheses, design and carry out experiments, and evaluate results. Throughout this course you will be expected to use basic laboratory equipment, make sensible estimates and take accurate measurements, and use a variety of mathematical representations. In addition, you will create scientifically supported arguments as you continue to develop your literacy skills. Your critical-thinking and problem-solving skills will grow as we relate physics content to global issues. We will study science as a constantly evolving cooperative venture between individuals and among members of the international community, influenced by social, economic, technological, political, ethical, and cultural surroundings.

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Could we go to Mars? in Google Classroom

Could we go to Mars?

Create a one paragraph detailed summary about how we could get to Mars though the Space X program. Make sure it is written in your own words!


Should we go to Mars?  Part 2 in Google Classroom

Should we go to Mars? Part 2