1st Period: US History-Monday-Thursday: 8:00-8:51am; Friday: 8:00-8:38am

Course Description

Welcome to US History 2020-2021! I am excited to learn with you all this year. There are two main goals for this course: 1. Develop an understanding of the human experience through US History to become informed and engaged global citizens. 2. Develop historical analysis skills by engaging in reading, writing, and speaking activities. History is more than just learning about the past. History is about making connections to the modern world and understanding how we become agents of our shared history. By learning about the past, we can use our knowledge to influence positive change in order to build a more fair, equal, and just society. In this course, you will take on the role of a participant in democracy. You will: 1. Investigate and determine the ways you can and will participate in your communities. 2. Analyze media and evaluate its effect on society. 3. Formulate opinions about our society based on your own experience and what you have learned from others. 4. Evaluate the roles and responsibilities of citizens within governments. 5. Communicate about civic participation using written, verbal and multimedia formats.

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