3rd Period: US History-Apfelbeck & Sells 006 Assignments

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Past Assignments


Bracero Program  in Google Classroom

Bracero Program

This assignment is to be completed over the course of 3 class periods. Follow along in class, we will complete some individually and some together. Do not press submit until Friday, 12/4.


Formative Assessment in Google Classroom

Formative Assessment

Analyze the political cartoon and complete the OPC chart and the two questions below.


Chinese Exclusion Political Cartoons in Google Classroom

Chinese Exclusion Political Cartoons

1. On the jamboard, read and annotate each political cartoon.
2. On the chart, fill in the OPC.

Remember, we will do #1 together as a class! Make sure you are following along on your own chart.


Chinese Exclusion Act in Google Classroom

Chinese Exclusion Act

Read and annotates the documents and fill in the "OPC" chart.


Indian Removal Perspectives in Google Classroom

Indian Removal Perspectives


Q2 Goal Setting in Google Classroom

Q2 Goal Setting


Who Represents You? in Google Classroom

Who Represents You?


Key Senate Races 2020 in Google Classroom

Key Senate Races 2020


Sonia Sotomayor Speech in Google Classroom

Sonia Sotomayor Speech


Formative Assessment--CER Paragraph in Google Classroom

Formative Assessment--CER Paragraph

Complete the paragraph in class. Pick one of the authors and explain why that author would think it is important to study history, using a piece of evidence from their speech/essay. You may not use the same piece of evidence that you used in the practice CER from week 2. You must complete this assignment in class, tag us in the comments if you are confused or need help.


Washington Responds to 2020 in Google Classroom

Washington Responds to 2020


John McCain Essay in Google Classroom

John McCain Essay

Complete the pause questions, add annotations, and fill in your notecatcher.


Washington Farewell Address  in Google Classroom

Washington Farewell Address


CER Paragraph in Google Classroom

CER Paragraph

Using your note catcher with information from John Lewis’ & Barack Obama’s speeches, respond to the prompt. You must follow the Claim, Evidence, Reason format. You can choose which speech you’d like to use to respond to the prompt.


John Lewis Posthumous Essay in Google Classroom

John Lewis Posthumous Essay

Read, annotate, and answer the pause questions


Bush 9/11 Speech in Google Classroom

Bush 9/11 Speech

Annotate the speech and complete the comprehension questions.


Get to Know You Letter in Google Classroom

Get to Know You Letter

Please read our letter and respond by Friday.