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Frequently Asked Questions

Do students need to attend the Live Google Meet sessions? If so, how often? What is the class schedule?
Yes. All students are required to attend all of their class Google Meet sessions every day, following the standard Bell Schedule.
View your schedule by logging in to Aspen.
What time does school start?
8:00AM, every day
What time does school end?
Mondays - Thursdays: the last class ends at 3:16pm
Fridays: the last class ends at 2:16pm
How many days a week do we have classes?
Every day, following the CPS calendar.
Do we need to wear our uniform?
Will attendance be taken?
Yes, attendance will be taken every day during the Google Meet class period according to the Bell Schedule. Attendance will be entered into Aspen daily by teachers.
Do students have to have my camera on?
Teachers may require student's cameras to be turned on at certain times, like when you are taking a quiz or test. Your teacher will review these requirements and policies with you at the beginning of the school year.
Do students need to be on time? Will tardies be recorded?
Yes. Tardies will be recorded. Students need to be on time and follow the Bell Schedule.
Will student work be graded?
Yes. Student work will be graded normally.
What happens if a student does not complete an assignment?
Teachers will be grading normally, including entering "missing", low percentages, and incomplete, per their usual grading policies.
How do I know what my student needs to do in each class?
  • Accept the invitation to join your student's Google Classrooms (you should receive an email).
  • Subscribe to your student's teacher and class pages here on the website.
  • Sign up for the school newsletter.
  • Email your student's teacher - visit our Staff Directory and click on the staff email address to send them a message or copy/paste their email into a message.
How long will we be doing remote learning?
Currently, we will have remote learning through the end of 1st Quarter, Friday, November 6th. At that time, the district will evaluate whether or not it is safe to return to school buildings.
Do we have days off school?
We will be following the approved CPS calendar for all instructional days. There will be no classes on the usual holidays and non-instructional days (staff professional development days) per the CPS calendar.
How do we get a school-issued Chromebook?
Chromebooks will be issued to students the week of August 31st. Call the school if you did not receive one, or need one at any time during Remote Learning: 773-535-7320
Who do I contact if I have a problem with my school-issued device?
Email Mr. Quinn at with any device problems.
How do we get Internet at home?
CPS has launched a program to provide free Internet access to students and their families - follow this guide to get Internet installed at your home:
Will accommodations be made for families effected by the COVID-19 pandemic?
Yes - please email your student's counselor, teacher(s), administration, or for support.