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Best Practices

“You are not lucky to be here. The world needs your perspective. They are lucky to have you.”
- José Antonio Tijerino

While this school year will start from home, we are trying to keep school as similar as possible - and you should, too!  In order to make the most of remote learning, follow these best practices:
Show Up!
Above all else, we just want you here. However you can be there, come to class. That's the most important thing.
Print a copy of the bell schedule, write it down, or bookmark the page for easy access.
Print a copy of your class schedule in Aspen, or write it down.
Set Up!
Use a computer - not your phone - for completing course work. If you need a computer, our school is lending out Chromebooks for free. Come get one! If you need Internet, we can help you! Visit to get free Internet at home.
Get organized before the day begins. Check your calendar and agenda. What supplies will you need for your classes today? Do you have a writing utensil and paper? Do you have your sketchbook or camera ready for art class? 

Morning Routine!
Set an alarm, eat a good breakfast, and get ready for your day. You must be logged in to your CPS account before 8am each school day. 

Tech Test!
Try to find a spot with stable internet connection and login early so you can solve any tech problems that come up. Log in to your CPS email, and troubleshoot any password problems. If you need help with your password and cannot log into your CPS email, contact any of your teachers through the school website or Mr. Quinn at
work spaceWork Zone!
Find a space where you can focus! Your bed is for sleeping, not for working.
Camera Ready!
Dress like it’s Bobcat Friday everyday! No uniforms required but try to make sure you look presentable for the camera. Try using a virtual background if you want to keep your space private.
drinking coffee near cell phone
Mic Check!
Chat, discuss, share out! But mute yourself when not presenting or if there is a lot of background noise.
If possible, Double Your Devices
Two screens is sometimes better than one. You may want to use your phone for the Google Meet, but have your computer open to use your teacher's Pear Deck and complete the course work.

Student First…
Come prepared with your materials, ready to engage with your class.
Put your phone screen-down near you, or even in another room, so you can't see the screen during class. Try not to be distracted by your phone, social media, or other tabs and videos during class time.