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“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” – Helen Keller
All of the classes at BOYCP will be using Google Classroom. Students will access the Google Meet to their daily live classes through Google Classroom, along with completing and submitting most class assignments. It is important that students check the Google Classroom Stream and Classwork pages for each of their classes every day.
Google Classroom is accessible at 
Access Google Classroom by logging into your CPS email, then clicking on the waffle icon in the top-right corner. Select Classroom from the list of icons.
Check your email for an invitation from each teacher to join your student's Google Classrooms. If you did not receive an invitation, please email your student's teachers by visiting their teacher page (Staff Directory, then click on their name). This guide from Google can also help you get set up in the Classroom.
Watch this tutorial to learn how to use Google Classroom:
Use the tabs at the top of the Google Classroom page to toggle between:
  • Stream: where new announcements are displayed
  • Classwork: where all assignments are located
  • People: your teacher and classmate contact information
Google Classroom Overview Annotated
Google Classroom Annotated Header
Google has created this tutorial that will guide you through turning in your work. 
Once you have clicked on an assignment's details, you should see several options for completing the work. Make sure you read your teacher's instructions. In this example, the teacher's instructions tell the student to "Answer in the Private Comments".
Note: any text entered into the Class Comments section will be visible to all classmates.
When you finish an assignment, it is very important to click on MARK AS DONE.
Attach Evidence
Attaching files options
Click on the + Add or Create to ATTACH FILES like Documents, Slideshows, pictures and movie files, etc. 
If you need to attach a PICTURE or a MOVIE, choose the paperclip File option. If the picture, movie, or file is already saved in your Google Drive, you can click on RECENT or MY DRIVE to find it. It is a good idea to always know where you save files to, and to keep Drive folders organized!
If your file is saved on your device - like on your phone or a computer - then choose UPLOAD, and then either BROWSE your device to find the file you need, or DRAG and DROP the file from another window into this one.
Upload files
Make sure you Mark as done when you are ready to submit to the teacher!
A common question students ask is "what work am I missing?" Students can check to see which assignments are missing three ways:
  1. Look at the colored icons of the posted assignments and materials in CLASSWORK
  2. Click on "View My Work" and click on "missing" to filter for missing assignments
  3. Check Aspen for any incompletes, missings, or 50% assignments.
In the CLASSWORK view: This student has THREE missing assignments - the icons are purple. All of the gray icons indicate that the student submitted the assignment.
Missing work 1
In this example, the student is missing FOUR assignments, as indicated by the Dark Gray icons:
Classwork missing assignments view 2
In Classwork, at the top of your screen click on View Your Work. This will take you to a list of all of the assignments for the class. There, you can see the grades you received on assignments and look for any work marked missing. 
view my work tab
You can also filter your view to show only the missing assignments by clicking on the word "missing" on the top left. In this example, assignment #001 was not completed and is marked as missing. 
missing work example
It is always better to do the work than not to do the work... in many cases, you can submit missing work - just talk to your teacher!
Parents & Guardians: Please subscribe to your students' teacher's pages in order to receive daily email updates with announcements and new assignments.
Our technology coordinator, Pat Quinn, is available to support staff, students and their families. Please email Pat Quinn with any questions or concerns regarding school technology and Chromebooks: