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Hey y'all welcome to my class this year! This will be my second year at BOYCP but fourth year teaching overall. I have taught Biology every year I have taught and was given the reigns to make the Anatomy and Physiology course my own over the last year. I am excited for you to learn and better understand scientific processes that we as humans go through every day.
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About Me: I am a graduate of the University of North Texas in 2017 where I majored in Biology as well as minored in Chemistry and Secondary Education. I have lived in Chicago now for a little over a year when I moved from my hometown of Dallas, Texas. My main hobbies are exploring the city with my friends, cooking, going to concerts/listening the music. My music taste has seen so many twists and turns it isn't even funny, I like everything from virtually every form of rock (punk, pop-punk, emo, classic rock, metal etc), to artists like Beyonce, Lizzo, Adele and now all of these TikTok songs (don't come for me, it took over my life during quarantine), watching Netflix/Hulu; my main shows being Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, House MD, Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra ( I took a buzzfeed quiz and was told I am an Earth bender). I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter franchise and once we get back into my classroom you will see the amount of pride I have for my Hogwarts House of Slytherin. Below is my virtual classroom which I suppose will do for now
I am so excited to get to know more about all of you as we go through this up coming school year!