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Parents, please use my parent / guardian portal for an introduction to me and my classes, and take a few minutes to go over the syllabus for my class with your student. Then, please fill out this form, so I have your most up to date contact information and preferences about contacting you. Please also "subscribe" to the left to get updates about assignments.
Students, please check your course page and your Google Classroom for more information about your class!
The 2021/21 school year will be my fourth year at BOYCP, and my 7th year as a full-time teacher. I teach Ethnic Studies & Global Politics, and I also coach tennis and advise the student voice committee. I've also taught Civics and World Studies. Before working at BOYCP, I completed my Masters in Education with a focus on Social Studies education and English as a Second Language instruction at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to that, I worked at Abaarso School in Somaliland, an autonomous region of Somalia, for two years where I taught both English and World History from a perspective that centered African and Middle Eastern history.